Monday, September 8, 2008

Indian Food

Alameda use to have two Indian restaurants, now there is only one, India Palace on Buena Vista Avenue. There are however, two vendors who sell Indian food at the Farmer's Market in the West End, but the options are limited.

India Palace provides a clean and pleasant atmosphere. The food selection is large and the staff is quite knowledgeable with the menu. The appetizers that are deep fried are always good. I was happy to see that the samosas come in two varieties, vegetarian and meat. And the pappadum is not too oily when consumed, but a large pepper corn can be a mouthful. The entrees of curries and kebabs are full of flavor and are satisfying. I have tasted all the different meat curries (lamb, chicken, beef and pork) and they are all good. The saffron rice is also flavorful from the spice and the chicken broth essence. All the dishes are tasty, but if you are unsure about your palate and spice level, ask the wait staff for suggestions. You should also inquire if oily foods may upset your digestion since some of the dishes may have more oil than others. The popular "all you can eat" lunch buffet is a big hit. Be sure to check it out.

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