Sunday, November 16, 2008


One type of food that Alameda has an abundance of, is Chinese food. Chinese food is quite popular and there seems to be a big demand for it. Even though some people in Alameda do not want another Chinese restaurant in the city, a new one opens for business.

The only Chinese restaurant on Bay Farm is Harbor View Chinese Restaurant. This place is clean and pleasant. It serves typical Chinese dishes known to Americans. The food is good and it's quick service. I would recommend this restaurant if you live at Bay Farm or are in the neighborhood.

Hong Kong City Restaurant on Park Street is unpredictable. I've dined here more than a few times over the years and found the food to be quite good a few years back. The food now, lacks flavor. I wonder if they changed cooks? I would pass over this place since there are many restaurants to choose from along Park.

Hong Kong East Ocean Restaurant is great for dim sum. The dim sum menus are easy to read and you select which items you want. The ladies who drive the carts around the room may not speak English clearly, but they are eager to show you what they are serving. The crepes, dumplings, fried fish, stuffed tofu and eggplant are always good dishes. The sticky rice, chicken feet and the fried sesame balls are an acquired taste. The restaurant recently remodeled the interiors, so the room looks fresh with an Asian flare of golden dragons and red velvet walls. The restaurant can accommodate parties of any size.

Chef's Wok is a Chinese restaurant that is close in proximity to Hong Kong East Ocean. They also serve dim sum during lunch and is probably in direct competition with them. The menu is long and varied. There are so many selections that at times it is overwhelming on what to choose. In order to get a wide selection of food, I have ordered their Fixed Dinner Plans. The food lacked flavor at times and appeared the chefs prepared the food to appease non-Asian palates. The portions were huge and that is where the savings come in. One could eat the leftovers in two additional meals. If you looking for predictable Chinese food with large portions than this restaurant is the place to eat at.

Kapok has a new owner and supposedly a new chef. If you are in a hurry, the food comes out quick from the kitchen. The portions are huge and the cost is low compared to Chef's Wok and Hong Kong East Ocean. The menu is varied and they do not offer dim sum. The food is good and simple. It's not high end gourmet Chinese food. Be sure to taste the fresh seafood since they have live fish tanks inside the dining area. I would recommend this place if you are on a budget and looking for decent and predictable Chinese food.

The New Bamboo Kitchen Restaurant on Lincoln Avenue had a fire. The restaurant is currently closed for business.

There are plenty of Chinese restaurants that are not listed on this blog. Some of the places that I see while driving don't appear clean or appealing and I have no desire to taste their food. The last thing I need is food poisoning. Please post your comments if you've experienced a restaurant not mentioned or had a completely different opinion on any of the restaurants listed in this posting.

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Anonymous said...

You're leaving out numerous other restaurants such as Troy, China House, etc. and your reviews are quite unreliable.