Friday, November 7, 2008


Donuts are a favorite of mine. I enjoying eating all types of donuts: cake, bars, old fashioned and glazed. I remember walking around New York City at 3 AM looking for fresh, hot donuts from Krispy Kreme. Most of Alameda's donut joints are located on the west side of the island, perhaps left overs from when the Navy base was in operation.

Hometown Donuts is located across the street from the former Navy base. This place was very popular when the base was in operation. Now, the donut store looks a little old and tired. Their donut production is low and the shelves are not full. The taste however, is good. The cake and bars are satisfying along with the donut holes. The frosting on the donuts are just the right amount. This is not a place you want to seat down at and have a cup of coffee, the atmosphere is too depressing. If you are feeling lucky, buy a scratch off ticket.

Lee's Donuts is more upbeat compared to Hometown Donuts. If you don't come early in the morning, the donuts are gone. I have come here a few times in the late morning and early afternoon and found the shelves to be bare. And so I had to go in the early morning just to see if the shelves were full, and they were. The local favorite here is the bagel sandwich. For me personally, bagel sandwiches are too many calories and too heavy with the cream cheese and meat. The donuts here are fluffy and light weight. I am not sure how they do it, but you can taste the difference. The frostings come in a large variety of sprinkles, coconut shavings, glaze, chocolate, maple and nuts. Maples bars and chocolate cake donuts are my favorite.

Star Light Donuts always have their regular customers on a daily basis. A bunch of old, retired men hang out in front everyday chatting and eating donuts. Noticing that I would see this same group of men in front of the place every morning before work, I became curious. I wondered what brought these men here every day. Was it the taste, coffee or companionship? I had to check it out for myself. The first time I came here, I missed the morning crowd and the shelves were somewhat bare. The selection was so little that I bought a glazed donut. Glazed donuts are simple and uncomplicated, it was light and airy. Another time, I arrived earlier in the morning and saw the usual group of men. The shelves were much more in abundance compared to my first visit. I ordered a chocolate cake donut and found them to be rich in flavor. The cake was a little more dense that what I am use to for a cake donut, but the strong flavor of chocolate was unexpected and satisfying. I see why these men come here every morning. The donut store is really quite small and holds one table and the front window area with chairs in front of it. The store is a little bland in color and dim in lighting. It's a good thing the owners can make a tasty donut, otherwise there wouldn't be a reason to be here.

Golden Pin Donuts is always closed when I want to buy donuts from them. Perhaps, I go too late in the day? However, the times I have stopped by was during business hours. I should call them to make sure they are still in operation.

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