Friday, November 21, 2008


German food has slowly gained in popularity in the bay area. A long time establishment is Schroeder's in the Financial District of San Francisco. This restaurant claims to have opened its doors in 1893. About a century later in the late 1990s, Suppenkuche came onto the food scene in Hayes Valley. German food became fashionable and for quite a long time, Suppenkuche was popular and it was difficult to get a table. Their sister property, Speisekammer is in Alameda and has been in business for a few years. Zagat is now rating Speisekammer higher than Suppenkuche.

Speisekammer is the only German restaurant in Alameda. The food at times can be inconsistent, but it maybe more dependent upon what food is being ordered. I have been there a few times when the schnitzel was cooked perfectly and one time it was over done and tough. I have never been a fan of spatzle and found their version to be bland. At one occasion, the bratwurst, mash potatoes and sauerkraut dinner was disappointing. The bratwurst tasted like a grocery store bratwurst grilled at home. The mash potatoes were runny and the sauerkraut lacked flavor. The braised beef tri tip (Sauerbraten mit Preiselbeerkonfitür) was a good choice, the beef was tender and the sauce was a red wine reduction. Fish dishes were delicately sauteed with subtle flavors. Desserts were more challenging. The desserts are brought in by a third party baker and do not utilize authentic German ingredients. The strudel was made out of puff pastry which was unexpected. Unfortunately, the pastry lacked flavor due to an insufficient amount of butter. The best part of the establishment is their vast assortment of beers. If you are really thirsty, order the boot. This is best place to be at on a warm, sunny day having a drink at the outdoor bier garden. I would recommend this place if you are looking for meat and potatoes and not necessarily a salad.

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