Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Even though Alameda is surrounded by water, there is not a lot of seafood establishments in the city. There are more seafood counters around the island than restaurants. However, it depends upon how one is identifying what seafood is. Some may say seafood is sushi, and others would say seafood is grilled or pan fried fish or boiled shellfish. The only traditional seafood restaurant located in Alameda is Pier 29.

Pier 29 is where all the East Bay Senior Citizens come out for an Early Bird Special. The prices are very reasonable during the Early Bird Special duration and the portions are good sized. The restaurant is known for its seafood dishes. The clam chowder soup is good and thick. The best dishes of the house are grilled or pan fried fish plates. The fish and chips are a disappointment. The stews are not appetizing and the beef dishes are also not favored. The vegetables are always plain and simply boiled in water with some butter. This is the only restaurant in Alameda that has water views in the front and back of the building. The service is always friendly. I would recommend this restaurant only for the Early Bird Specials.

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