Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Celebrations

It is amazing how fast this year has gone by. It is December 31st and 2009 is here and now. What to do on New Year's Eve? If you have the time, money and patience, venturing into San Francisco to celebrate the New Year is a great experience. The streets are blocked off and there are thousands of people walking around, celebrating, having fun and meeting people. It is a lively, upbeat atmosphere where everyone is seeking to have a good time.

If San Francisco is not your style and would rather stay in Alameda, there are few options for you. Of course all the bars in Alameda will be open beyond the midnight hour serving drinks. However if you are looking for organized, black tie galas with live bands and food, than that activity would be a tall order to fill. The party aboard the USS Hornet is your best option. This event offers food, drink, live music, dancing and an upbeat atmosphere throughout the night. The only caution to point out is when the party is over, do not drink and drive. There will be policemen waiting in patrol cars to pull over drunk drivers.

If black tie is not your gig and bars are too casual, than a handful of restaurants will be open to celebrate the festivities. Pier 29 will be hosting food and drinks for diners, and for customers who are looking for a party atmosphere with a DJ and karaoke machine. Food will be served beyond the midnight hour to sober up customers.

Happy New Year! Have a wonderful and safe New Year's Day.

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