Sunday, March 1, 2009

Everett & Jones

Everett and Jones recently had their grand opening on Webster Street. The space is pleasant and has a comfy feeling to it. The light fixtures matched the BBQ themed food and restaurant; the light fixtures were miniaturized Weber grills hanging down from the ceiling. Very adorable.

Due to the new location on the West End, they closed down their Main Street store, right across the street from the Navy Point entrance. Their other location on the island is inside Scobies Restaurant on Central Avenue off of Park Street. The Scobies location needs to be careful with their food quality since I wasn't too impressed with the food the last time I had a meal there. The problem with the food was that it lacked flavor and soul. The food had no personality.

I am hoping the Webster Street location will be closely looked after by the one of the daughter's of the original owner. The food at Everett and Jones is great tasting, quality food. When one of the daughter's watches over the kitchen, the food quality is unbeatable. I would recommend this restaurant since it is difficult to find good BBQ on this island and more importantly on the West End.

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