Monday, April 13, 2009


I am happy that I returned to the Burmese Super Star Restaurant on Park Street. The first time I went there, the food was palatable, but not memorable. A short time later, a new owner than purchased the restaurant and luckily he already owned the first Burmese Super Star in San Francisco.

The interiors of the restaurant was basically the same when the current owner purchased the establishment. The food now is much better in flavors and sauces. The service is quick and the food comes out of the kitchen like a bullet, perhaps too quick for me. The menu is extensive and there are plenty of delicious dishes to pick from. I chose three dishes of chicken basil, garlic noodles and eggplant and garlic. The chicken basil was good and the vegetables were fresh, but it was a dish I had eaten in a Thai or Chinese restaurant. There wasn't any distinction in the flavor profiles that screamed Burmese. The garlic noodles was alright, not great. I had better at The House Restaurant in San Francisco. The problem with the noodles was that is lacked moisture. The sauce was on the side and had some heat to it, so I spooned it sparingly. I felt the sauce was too hot for me to pour generously over the noodles, and that is why I ate them dry. The garlic smell of the noodles was strong when the dish arrived at the table, but it subsided after you began eating the dish. The eggplant was the best dish out of the three. The eggplant was fresh and the chili sauce was delicious. The texture of the eggplant was tender where one could easily cut it with a fork.

I have been here a few times on the weekends. The place is completely packed and the waiting line is long, so I recommend having a reservation or come early for dinner. Alternatively, weekday nights will have open tables, but don't come here on a Monday, the restaurant is closed.

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