Sunday, April 26, 2009

Croll's Pizza

Saturday was Earth Day in Alameda. The City hosted a nice event at Washington Park that was full of families, older folks and people interested in preserving our planet. I was happy to see a decent attendance at the event and I am hoping everyone walked away with helpful information about recycling, mulching and recognizing our planet's limited resources.

At the event, there was only one food stand. It was a typical carnival food menu with hot dogs, sodas, nachos, grilled sausages and pizza. The pizza came from Croll's Pizza. The sign did not designate who cooked the other food items, I guess those items were heated via microwave behind the counter. I ordered a slice of Pepperoni pizza. The slice was extremely hot when I got my food. I always look at the pepperoni when I order pizza because I prefer my pizza to be well done and see the edges of the pepperoni to be slightly curled and a darker color around the edges. I think pepperoni has more flavor if baked well done. The slice I bought had the curled edges of the pepperoni and the meat was flavorful which was a positive sign that Croll's didn't cheap out on the meat. The slice however, did not have enough cheese on the pizza for me. Instead, a greasy layer of red and orange oil came off of the slice. The pizza was palatable, but I am not sure I would pay for a whole pizza.

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