Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fish & Chips

I wish there was a British Pub on the Island that was cool and genuine, serving fish and chips, bangers and mash and shepard's pie. Oh well, I guess I can't have everything. So in the mean time, the closest restaurant to a pub on the Island is the New Zealander on Webster. Fish and Chips is a casual, inexpensive and simple dish. However, it does make a difference on the type of fish, oil and batter.

McGrath's Irish Pub on Lincoln Avenue is a poor attempt of a British Pub in Alameda. Unfortunately, the bar doesn't serve hot food and what type of pub is it, if it doesn't serve fish and chips or bangers and mash. What a disgrace!

Pier 29 has a Fish and Chips dish that I have consumed more than a few times. For some reason I keep on leaning towards the dish even though I have been disappointed on more than a few occasions when I ate it at the restaurant. I guess I keep on forgetting about the previous times and keep on wishing that each time would be better. Well thus far, the Fish and Chips dish has not gotten better. The fish on a consistent basis is deep fried too long and the moisture of the fish is lost. The batter is also really dark and very crunchy on the edges. Another reason why I am writing this entry is to remind myself not to order the Fish and Chips just in case I happen to be in the area and feeling a hunger pain.

The New Zealander on Webster has an expensive Fish and Chips dish at the high price of $17.95. The food portion was decent with four medium sized pieces of fish, with a hearty serving of french fries and cole slaw. The batter on the fish was thin, light and fluffy. The tartar sauce was nice and smooth tasting. The fish and chips tasted pretty good, but I wished I had vinegar. The wait staff did not even offer the condiment or ketchup for that matter. I had to beg for the ketchup that arrived to the table after a while from a bus boy who was in close proximity. The waiter was clueless that I wanted vinegar on the fries and fish. I was happy with the food despite the lack of service. However, the price is a bit steep considering it is only fish and chips.

Culina in the Marketplace on Park Street serves up a gourmet version of Fish and Chips. The dish is best eaten immediately even if that means chowing down inside the building or in front on the curb. The fish is light and tasty with a special sauce. The dish came with two large pieces of fish. The french fries were awesome, very delicious, hot fries with great herbs. For less than half the price of New Zealander, you can't pass up on the Fish and Chips at the counter. This is probably the best deal in town if you are a fish and chips fan.

Even though Quinn's Lighthouse is technically not in Alameda, it is a short sail away from Coast Guard Island and the City's limits. What I love about Quinn's is the outdoor deck on a warm, sunny day. Another favorite past time is throwing peanut shells on the ground on the deck. The Fish and Chips dish, however, was a sad disappointment. The fish was dry and over cooked. I couldn't even finish my plate since the food was so terrible. I will not make the same mistake twice at this place. At least the deck is still a great place to hang out and have a drink.


tikitonya said...

What about the Hob Nob on Park Street? Their Fish and Chips ($9) are delicious and is served with malt vinegar on the side.

David said...

Gonna try Culina's on Park. The one thing with fish and chips that I find lacking in many Bay Area places is the use of fresh potatoes. I still don't understand the whole frozen fries things. Potatoes cost nothing, yet places rarely serve fresh potato fries/chips. Double-fried chips is key to fish and chips, just as important as the fish.

kelly said...

I second tikitonya -- check out the Hob Nob on park. Very tasty fish and chips for a good price.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to post in support of the Hob Nob fish and chips. They're really nice, and pretty good value for the amount of food.

Anonymous said...

Hob Nob Fish and Chips are delicious!