Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Victim of the Economy

The Dock Cafe and Tiny's Candy Store is no longer in business on Webster Street. Tiny's lasted for a few good years before the husband and wife team decided to expand into the space next door. Who would have known that a tiny, hole in the wall candy store would create enough business for expansion? Unfortunately when the couple thought they had enough regular clientele to expand, the Dock Cafe did not work.


Chattwin said...

I had no idea that Tiny's had expanded and that there was a cafe there. What a time to find out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that news as well. It seems that every time I traveled down Webster Street and was reminded of Tiny's, it didn't look like it was open for business.
Has anyone tried the new Westcafe on Webster? I went in for a quick spin the other day and discovered that they're open from morning into the night and have an outdoor patio in back.
I must say that I am a Peet's devotee and keep reloading my Peet's card every week, so for me to venture out into otherworldly latte land will be a tough sell.
When pressed for time, I'll visit our nearby West End independent, Spritzer's on Central. Their lattes are quite good and I love the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

The Alameda Journal published today the Crosstown Coffee Shop and Community Center will close operations on July 24. The center did not make enough money to pay the rent and maintenance. The article did mention the community center may open at a later date, but in a new location. With the current economy, the center may not re-open for a long while.