Monday, July 20, 2009

Frozen Yogurt Phenonmenon

For some reason there is an explosion of frozen yogurt joints all around Park Street. Frozen yogurt has been around for a few decades and I don't understand the sudden supply of yogurt stores. This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where a particular yogurt joint suddenly becomes popular because the owner proclaims the frozen yogurt is fat-free. Customers can't get enough and wait long lines for the dessert. Jerry gains weight from the yogurt and smuggles the yogurt to a food laboratory where it tests positive for fat. The yogurt shop is then forced to hang a sign that states the yogurt is not fat-free, and the business goes bust.

The places around Park Street are Tuttimelon, a new place under construction on Santa Clara, and Yogofina recently opened at Park and Encinal. Yogofina is a cute and colorful space with friendly interiors. It's a small and cozy room, but does not hold a lot of customers, especially on warm days.

I wonder how long the frozen yogurt trend will last? The yogurt joints may have a chance just as long Tucker's doesn't get into the yogurt business.


Poppawinst said...

I know back in late 2006, early 2007, frozen yogurt made a comeback in parts like LA and San Diego...mainly due to the new "tart" yogurt phenomenon. Tart yogurt was a different spin on the traditional sweet, soft-serve type frozen yogurt of the 80's. This new tart yogurt trend was propelled by explosion of PinkBerry down south. Of course, the trend is always a little late outside trend center and that's why we're seeing the trend pick up here.

And now this has led to the trend of "self-serve" locations like Yogafina...which is a HUGE cash cow down south. Low start up costs(no need for stoves/ovens/sprinklers and you can lease the yogurt machines), low inventory costs, low payroll costs, and high margin.

I'm kind of indifferent about the whole yogurt thing...but that's sorta my observation of what's been going on. Love your blog by the way...i check it all the time ;)

Anonymous said...

I've become a closet Yogofina addict. My wife loves it and I claim I dont want to go... But secretly I cant wait to go! So I can use it to manipulate her. (i.e. If you do "this" I'll take you to Yogofina!)
It works like a charm every time. Hahahaha! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Checked out Yogofina to taste their frozen yogurt. The staff person gave me a few cups to taste the yogurts which I did. The flavors were surprisingly good. The fruit toppings were good with some selection and the candy toppings were plenty. You just have to remember that the cost is associated with weight. So don't bog down your bowl and end up paying a fortune for yogurt. The cost is 39 cents per ounce.