Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Food

People always ask me what is the best restaurant in Alameda. To be perfectly honest, I don't believe there is one specific place on the Island that holds that title. Alameda is not home to haute cuisine, there are no five-star establishments or Michelin Star chefs. Instead of searching for the best food in the City, your hunger should lead the way. Here are some of my picks around town:

Best Ambiance - Pappo
Best Bakery - Feel Good Bakery
Best Bar - Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge
Best BBQ - Roosters
Best Cafe - Julie's or Wescafe
Best Chinese - Hong Kong East Ocean
Best Deli - Culina
Best Dessert - C'era Una Volta
Best Diner - Marti's Place
Best Fusion - Zen
Best Hamburger - McGee's Bar and Grill
Best Italian - C'era Una Volta
Best Japanese - Angelfish
Best Mediterranean - Asena Restaurant
Best Mexican - Calafia Tacqueria
Best Sushi - Yume
Best Thai - Amarin Restaurant
Best Vietnamese - Dragon Rouge

What are your favorite places?

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