Friday, August 7, 2009

A Legend is No More

For those of you who visit bars in Alameda on a regular basis, the legendary Pop Inn on Park Street is no more. The bar is closed and is under renovation for a new bar to hit the scene. The owner of the Pop Inn also owned Lincoln's Address on Lincoln, which he sold a few years ago and is now the Tiki Lounge. If you have never been to Lincoln's Address, you are lucky to not have experienced the abundance of camaraderie of true alcoholics. I was never a fan of dark, dirty and sad places, but all those factors encompassed Lincoln's Address. Unfortunately, the same issues plagued the Pop Inn as well. On more than a few occasions I have passed the Pop Inn during the breakfast hours and noticed people drinking hard alcohol. If you are having a hard drink for breakfast, it is not a positive sign.

I hope the new bar brings a freshness and lightness to Park Street.

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Anonymous said...

A sign in front of the Pop Inn said "The Churchward a modern bar."