Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Hob Nob

After reading some of the comments on this blog, many people consistently wrote about The Hob Nob. I had gone there a few times for drinks, but never for food when it first opened two years ago. In the few times I had gone there, I was not a huge fan of board games in a dim lit room on a Friday and Saturday night. I then decided to go there for food and see what all the fuss was about.

The restaurant is popular for their brunch menu and light fare food items. The prices on the menu are very reasonable with a good selection of food. The Fish and Chips for $9.00 consisted of three slim pieces of fish and a mountain of french fries. The fish was nicely cooked and the batter was just right of not being too thick. The french fries were tasty and crunchy and not soggy. The malt vinegar for the fish complimented the fish, but the tartar sauce was too sour from an over abundance of lemon.

The Cuban Sandwich is basic and not really satisfying. The sandwich has thin slices of Serrano Ham with pickles and condiments between two slices of egg bread. The sandwich came warm to the table since it was on the grill, but this was not a wow item.

The spicy Chicken Wings were good and the sauce definitely had a kick. The wings were cooked perfectly without biting into red or bloody chicken bones. The sauce was a bit oily, but it gave the wings tons of flavor. The ranch dressing that came with the celery and carrot sticks was too sweet and the viscosity too thin. The dressing had the same problem as with the tartar sauce; the chef is heavy handed with lemon.

The Truffle French Fries were slightly more expensive than their regular fries, but the taste is worth it. The truffle oil on the fries were subtle and the melted Parmesan on top was pure heaven. The fries had a great texture and crunch, which is extremely important for a tasty french fry. The sauce that accompanied the fries had a much stronger flavor of truffles and it complimented the potatoes just perfect.

The space has not changed much when it was called Kelly's. The space was a mixture of modern, pub and country kitsch interiors. The one aspect I did not enjoy in the dining room was the wood chairs with the little cut out hearts. The chairs brought a dowdy feeling to the room.

The Hob Nob is a friendly, neighborhood hangout that serves good food. You don't want to miss out on the fun and comfortable atmosphere.

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