Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Night Picks

With Monday Night Football coming upon us, where does one go to get food and enjoy the game? Does one buy food and bring it home, or should one have a beer and watch the game at a bar?

There are a few places around the island that you can watch the game and have a decent meal at the same time. McGee's Bar and Grill is a happening place to be at for a popular team. Of course this is not a good place if you are vegetarian, but nonetheless the atmosphere is exciting. Another popular spot is Scobies on game night. They don't have HDTVs, but they have large screened televisions. This is a great place for a wide selection of beer on tap.

If you are watching the game in the comfort of your own home, sushi is an easy take-home choice. The only Japanese restaurant that is open on Mondays is Kamakura. The food is fresh and tasty, however slightly expensive. The restaurant does have a flat screen television behind the sushi bar, but the atmosphere lacks camaraderie. BBQ is also a good option for football food. Ribs and football are almost parallel in the action of the game. While one watches 300 pound men beat each other to a pulp on the field, the rib eater is attacking a piece of meat with the same ferocity and with delicious sides dishes. Everett and Jones on Webster is a decent take-out joint and so is Great American BBQ. Eating BBQ is truly Americana food, just like football.

The low-brow NFL night is watching the game with a bucket of KFC and rooting for the Tennessee Titans.

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Anonymous said...

Watching the Raiders play last night on TV was awesome. Too bad they lost in the last minute of the game. Finger foods are the best!