Friday, December 11, 2009


Had a wonderful dinner at Yume on a Thursday evening. There was no waiting line for the sushi bar. The assortment of fresh fish was amazing and the sushi was awesome! The fish was so fresh that it tasted like butter and was extremely tender. Definitely ask Sushi Chef Hideki for the daily specials. Unfortunately, the waiting line could be long because the owners are no longer serving at the two small tables away from the sushi bar. They decided to stop service at these two tables because Chef Hideki could not guarantee the wait time of the food orders. Wait times were over twenty minutes and the chef felt that time duration was too long. The wait for the sushi bar is worth it because the fresh fish is great. Do not get surprised by the price tag when you get the bill. Fresh fish coming in from Japan, New Zealand and other exotic locations around the globe is expensive.

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Aaron said...

Nice review. I have not heard of this place in Alameda. You should post restaurant information on your entries, like address and phone number, or just link to the Yelp profile.