Friday, February 12, 2010

New Zealander...Gone Under, Literally

The New Zealander Restaurant, home of the meat pie on Webster Street has closed its doors.

I have no idea of what were the causes of its downfall. Perhaps it was the lack of customers during the economic downturn that forced the restaurant to shutter. All of the restaurants in close proximity have been able to keep afloat somehow, despite facing the same weak financial conditions.

I thought Alamedans embraced the food and pub-like atmosphere. There was live music every weekend, which was a great feature on the West End. Where did it go wrong?

I hope the closing of The New Zealander is not a trend of more closings on the West End.

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Mike T said...

Just wanted to drop a line here and say, that the restaurant is not gone, just in the process of new ownership. The Chef, Clive, will continue on with his focus on the back of the house, while the new owner hopes to liven up and freshen up the restaurant. I'm currently working with them to evaluate what worked and what didn't and we are looking for everyone's input. Check us out over @

and leave us some comments and take a quick survey. Your opinions matter to us. Also keep up to date with information about when we will be back up and open for business.