Friday, February 19, 2010

Slow Food Movement

As you know the Slow Food Movement has been trendy for the past few years. It makes common sense to buy produce and meat that is close in proximity to where you live due to the carbon footprint, and also for freshness. Last week, the Wall Street Journal printed an article on Alice Waters, Queen of the Slow Food Movement who happens to live right in our backyard. One of the questions in the article inquired on Ms. Waters' selection criteria in determining where she dines at. The obvious is no fast food or chain restaurants. Her other comment was that she would not eat at dining establishments where there was more than one location.

I then asked myself, where are those restaurants in Alameda? None of the restaurants in Alameda Towne Centre would qualify, nor wood the diners because they may not use organic ingredients. The places that could be acceptable to Ms. Waters' are: Asena, C'era Una Volta, Angela's, Hob Nob and Pappo. The sushi places serve fresh fish that come from far away places, so they don't qualify. I am not certain if the Chinese restaurants would register with Ms. Waters because of possible canned foods products. La Pinata would not qualify because they have too many locations.

These requirements according to to Ms. Waters are more difficult than I realized. It is much easier to select a restaurant that serves delicious foods instead, and choosing healthy appetizers and entrees. I hope you Alamedans remembered the Mexican Restaurant in the current Sushi House space that was once owned by a relative of Ms. Waters. As we all know, the restaurant did not survive.

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