Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Root Beer Float at Hob Nob

I enjoy eating food at the Hob Nob. It's pure comfort food and the atmosphere is relaxing and unpretentious.

One night I was strolling down Park Street on a weekend and wanted dessert. I was not in the mood for yogurt and knew I didn't have a lot of choices on Park Street. I didn't even know Hob Nob served desserts until I inquired with a waiter.

I was surprised to see a separate dessert menu. There was a list of about five choices of desserts to select from. Out of all the choices I picked a Root Beer Float because it was warm outside and float would cool me down. Well, when the float came to my table, the root beer was not cold and was room temperature. The Tucker's Vanilla ice cream was the only cooling agent. I had to pour the soda in the glass and wait a few minutes for the ice cream to cool it down. Drinking a warm root beer float is not cool! Sorry for the bad pun, but the float was not acceptable.

I would rather continue coming to Hob Nob for the food and not for the desserts.

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