Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get Your Party On!

Park Street Art and Wine Fair is this weekend! Prepare yourself for the street party. First rule of thumb, do not eat deep fried food as your first choice. This will eliminate a lot of food choices at the fair, but your body will say thank you later. In past years, there wasn't a lot of variety of desirable arts and crafts or food, so I hope this year is improved.

Best bet is to ride your bicycle to Park Street and go to the bike parking lot for safe keeping. Parking is FREE.


Anonymous said...

The Lockford Sausage booth was the winner of the most people waiting in line for food.

Oh yeah, I never realized how much deep fried food is being sold at the street fair. The funnel cakes look good to eat.

Anonymous said...

There was much better quality arts and crafts vendors this year compared to years past. I was happy to see attractive jewelry at the fair.