Monday, August 23, 2010


I am always a sucker for coupons. For some reason, I look in the Friday Alameda Journal inserts, or the grocery store coupons in the mail. The other great place to look at coupons is the Alameda Phone Book. I probably use more coupons from the phone book more than any other source.

I recently had a coupon encounter at Alameda Pizza. When you buy a pizza at Alameda Pizza, they tape a take out menu on the box that has a few different coupons. When I called, I used a $2.00 off coupon in buying a large sized pizza. I also tried to redeem a free 2 liter bottle of soda from another coupon. The cashier would not except the soda coupon because I already used the $2.00 coupon. Technically, Alameda Pizza should have accepted my free soda coupon because I followed the instructions on the coupon that clearly stated that one must order a 14" or 16" pizza to receive the free bottle of soda. The coupon did not state that there was a one coupon maximum for each order. Since I am following their business requirements, the owners or workers should also follow their own protocols.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing their pizza is the best on the island (especially the thick crust)