Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Never Again...

About a decade ago, my old stand by restaurant was Kobe Ya on Encinal Avenue. The owner was an older Japanese woman who ruled the kitchen and never had a smile on her face. She however, was efficient, the dining area was clean and the food was decent with great prices. She then retired and sold the business to another Asian person. That owner was not as detailed as she was, and the food was palatable, but not as good. When the economy slowed down, so went the second owner. The third owner is another Asian person who should not be in business.

I went to Kobe Ya on a Friday night. There was a long waiting line for people who placed phone orders and the cashier was taking care of them and not the people wanting to make an order. I had to wait in line for over twenty minutes watching the cashier carry out food for take out. When it was my turn to get to the counter, the woman told me the restaurant was closed. I was of course furious because the open sign was still on and plus, I had to wait a long time. The cashier than noticed my frustration and took my order of the Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box. The price was right for $6.00 with rice, salad and macaroni salad. The food was take out because the restaurant was closed. When I got home to eat my dinner, the meal was a disaster. The teriyaki sauce was poured over the salmon with a one-inch layer covering the rice. The salmon was over cooked, hard and dry. The food was the worst meal I've had in Alameda to date. Such a disappointment!

I will not come back.

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