Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coming Soon ... The Frog and the Fiddle

In the former Acquacotta space The Frog and the Fiddle is soon to open. Contractors are working inside to modify the interiors and the opening should be anytime. The flyers in the window had a grand opening date of mid-August, but clearly that is not the case. The new restaurant advertises that it will serve local wines, fresh food and host live music. No menu is in the window yet.

I wish the best for the new venture. The West End of Alameda is still in desperate need of eating establishments.


Josh said...

Speaking of West End business spaces being reused, what's going on at Tillies?

Anonymous said...

Food - 4 out of 10
Ambiance - 2 out of 10
Noise - TOO LOUD. Don't expect to speak or hear

We had dinner at "Frog and Fiddle" last night. The food was "ok", but it really seems to be more of a bar that serves food. Very simple menus include several fried apps, selection of sandwiches and some ribs.

The location is EXTREMELY LOUD. Don't expect to carry on a conversation. The cement floors echo everything. The restaurant was half full, but we were not able to speak to each other at our table because of the noise level.

We probably never go back. If you want a loud bar, some drinks with fried food- this place is for you.