Monday, October 25, 2010

So So Meal at Cera Una Volta

I have an up and down relationship with Cera Una Volta. At first, I did not enjoy their food. Then after a few cooking changes were made, I enjoyed dining there on a regular basis. The last time I went however, the dinner was okay, not great. There were hits and misses on the food. The restaurant now has a three-course prix fix menu for $33. Salads and raviolis were safe bets on the menu. The fish, however, was another story. The scallops on the prix fix menu were old. The fish was chewy and you could smell it as you bit into it. Even though the scallops were wrapped in bacon, it still was not a pleasant experience.

My favorite food entree at Cera Una Volta is Pappardelle alla Senese, which is wide pasta noodles with a ground beef Chianti meat sauce. The restaurant was not serving that dish the night I went.

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