Monday, November 8, 2010

Behave or Else at Yume

I am a huge fan of Yume. They serve amazing fresh fish from around the globe. (Good for tummy, bad for environment.) However, I have noticed a few times dining at Yume that rules are to be followed. If you pour too much soy sauce in your small dish, you could be scolded for it. Or if you eat a piece of sushi improperly, the owner will show you the way of appreciating the food.

Also, if you place your sake bottle or beer glass on the upper shelf of the sushi bar, the wife will immediately come and wipe underneath the area to prevent water circles. She will then place your sake or beer on the eating counter of the sushi bar.

I find the hovering a bit funny and strict at the same time. I don't mind learning something new at a restaurant, but I do not enjoy being scolded for doing an activity that is not necessarily wrong. What if I am a customer who enjoys a lot of soy sauce in my dish and wants to dunk my fish a few times before I eat it. Paying for expensive sushi is a privilege and I want to eat my sushi in peace.

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Anonymous said...

My husband got the riot act from the wife for having too much soy saurce in the little dish. I too have gotten scolded from the wife for chuckling at her scolding someone else for not properly eating a piece of sushi. These events have not yet deterred us from eating there.

I thought I was the only one who got the scolding. It is good to know that others have gotten the talk besides my husband and I.