Sunday, November 14, 2010

Secret Gardens

Two of my favorite secret gardens for a quiet and enjoyable meal are The Wescafe and Julie's Coffee and Tea Garden. Both places have wonderful outdoor backyard seating and tables. I sometimes prefer to sit in the back instead of curbside because the surroundings are less hectic. Eating a meal in a quiet and serene atmosphere is pure heaven.

The Wescafe has a great outdoor dining area. The space is open and comfortable. There are lots of attractive plants around the perimeter. I do like the sound of the water feature towards the back of the garden and at times there is Spanish music coming from the cafe inside. Another great point is that the servers at Wescafe will deliver your food to your table, which is an added bonus. I recommend a slice of quiche and a salad.

Julie's Coffee and Tea Garden is a much more garden focused space. The varieties of plants and flowers are amazing. The space is intimate and resembles an English garden. A slice of pizza or a pot of English tea and a scone are great ways to relax and enjoy the day.

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