Sunday, February 27, 2011

Academy Awards Night

What to do, or what to serve for the Oscars? Instead of going to a restaurant and trying to listen to the winners' speeches, I cooked at home instead. A team of us made pizzas that represented the ten best picture nominations.

Black Swan - vegetarian pizza with tomatoes, red pepper, mushrooms and garlic. A health conscious pizza.

The Fighter/Winter's Bone - bacon and pineapple. Both movies dealt in addiction and I figured everyone has a secret obsession with bacon.

Inception - eggplant, feta cheese, tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and garlic. I planted the idea in the guests thoughts that eggplant should be a staple topping on pizzas.

The Kids Are All Right - a green salad. I could not create a pizza that embodied the movie.

The King's Speech - sausage and potatoes. What else would a Englishman want on his pizza.

127 Hours - cheese. Pure and simple.

Social Network - olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, prosciutto, black olives and spinach. The new up and comers don't require a sauce.

Toy Story 3 - pepperoni. What child does not like pepperoni.

True Grit - chicken, prosciutto, sausage and pepperoni. Cowboys love their meat.

The best pizza of the evening was the addiction pizza, everyone loved bacon.

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