Thursday, February 3, 2011

La Pinata Gift Certificates

For Christmas I received two gift cards for La Pinata. My sibling did not realize the family split the business and renamed the two La Pinata restaurants in Alameda to La Penca Azul. I went to La Penca Azul hoping they would honor my gift certificates because I am too lazy to go to San Leandro for Mexican food. As I walked into the La Penca Azul, I inquired with the host if I could use my La Pinata gift card. The man said yes. Of course I was elated that I could use my Christmas gift for dinner.

When I paid for the dinner with the gift certificates, I then inquired with the waiter if the La Pinata gift cards had an expiration date due to the name change. I was told no. Another hurray since I was not able to use all of the money on the gift card.

Another positive note that I observed at La Penca Azul was that the service is now better than ever. For the first time, many of the varied staff had come to the table asking if everything was fine, if I needed more drinks or had questions. The staff prior to the name change was never that attentive. I have to wonder if the family break up has motivated the family owners of retaining customers and not having defectors go to the other locations.

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