Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Measure A

Voters beware!

I read in the Editorial section of the Alameda Journal one Friday to find out that Angela's and the Bladium are exempt from paying the proposed Measure A tax assessment if passed. My question is, how did Angela's get to be exempt? Which committee made them God? I am sure every business owner in Alameda would jump at the opportunity to avoid higher taxes, especially at a time when stores and restaurants are closing on Park and Webster Streets. Has this secret committee enlisted more businesses who are exempt and unknown to the public.

Of course our Alameda children need the support and education that increased funds will bring. However, businesses who are exempt should not be able to solicit in favor of Measure A. Is this fair?

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Anonymous said...

Those businesses are exempt because they are on federal land. Also businesses on city land, such as the ones next to the theater, would be exempt. I agree, Measure A is no good.