Thursday, March 3, 2011

Burma Super Star ... Hot, Hot, Hot

Recently I had dinner at the San Francisco Burma Super Star location on Clement Avenue and noticed that SF and Alameda locations had very different results. The chefs at the San Francisco location is light handed when it comes to spice levels of their food. Four of us ordered hot spicy food on a few dishes. When the food came out of the kitchen, the food was not spicy. I usually cannot handle spicy food, but even I was able to eat all of the entrees, which came to be a big surprise.

A few weeks later I went to the Alameda location and ordered the same dishes with identical spice level. The food was hot, hot, hot. The food was too spicy for me. All of the flavors were great, but the heat was a fire in my mouth. It's been my experience at the Alameda Burma Super Star to order food mild or medium. For some reason, I got adventurous thinking that two locations of the same owner would not be much difference. I was wrong. I have to remember to go back to my original spice level for Alameda and spicy for SF.

What is amazing about both locations is the quickness of the food that comes out of the kitchen. When you order four entrees, the food comes out fast and furious. And the best part is that the flavor profiles are not compromised.

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