Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pearl's Deluxe Burger

I went to Pearl's Deluxe Burger on a Friday night to check it out. To my surprise, the place was packed. There were many families, elderly couples and everyone in between was having a burger. The one-half pound burgers were large enough for two adults, otherwise it could be a heart attack waiting to happen. The prices for the half-pound burgers were great for two. The french fries however, were a bit expensive. I ordered a half-pound mushroom burger with a mixture of sweet potatoes and onion rings. The meal was over $15 for the burger, fries and a soda, which I thought was slightly expensive.

The mushroom burger was good, but not fantastic. It tasted as I thought it would be. There were no surprises. The sweet potato french fries were decent. The onion rings were a bit greasy.

I am wondering what burger people were eating when they voted Pearl's the best burger joint in the Bay Area because I want to taste that burger.


Elizabeth said...

I've been to Pearl's and have not been impressed. I know it's a call to the diner's of days gone by, but I find the chrome seating and atmosphere to be cold.
The burgers I've had in the two visits there were only so-so.
The burgers at Scolari's on Park St., have been highly recommended. I'm looking forward to giving them try.

Anonymous said...

I have only eaten at Burgermeister (really good), and am looking forward to sampling the rest of the Alameda places known for their burgers: Pearl's, Bip's Broiler, Scolari's, and Alameda Grill. Any suggestions, or places I'm missing?