Saturday, April 16, 2011

Earth Day

In observance of Earth Day, I decided to ride my bicycle to Washington Park. There were booths, a children's section and one food stand. I am not sure why the City of Alameda only allowed one food vendor to serve a city wide event, but nonetheless, it was only Croll's. The menu was limited with a hot grill in the back cooking hot links, sausages and wieners. I ordered a hot dog for $2.00. The hot dog had grill marks on the wiener, but the dog was barely warm. The bun was cold and I had to wonder how long the wiener sat in a tray waiting for a customer. The popular items were the slices of pizza, but the time I got to the window, pizza was sold out. Many people behind me were upset that they had to wait in line for twenty minutes for nothing.

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