Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jim's Place

Breakfast joints in Alameda are plenty.  Jim's Place is one of the top hot spots on the Island and has long lines and huge portions.    The menu is vast and there are too many choices for such an early meal.  The old standbys of pancakes, waffles and eggs are always a safe bet and you cannot go wrong with these orders.  This is the type of food that customers wait for in line.

I got adventurous the last time I ate there and ordered the chili and cheese omelet.  The portion could feed two, but the flavors were absent.  I did not enjoy the food.  I chewed my food and fed my body, but did not receive any pleasure from the meal.

Of course I would return to Jim's Place, but I would keep my order to what I like.

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Elizabeth said...

Jim's Place is O-kay. We migrated there for awhile, from Ole's, because of the shorter wait time for a table. Now, for the basic egg, pancake, hash brown breakfast we hit South Shore cafe. I found the hash brown servings at Jim's to be too big and uncooked in the center. The ambience is "eh", with supermarket lighting and feel.
At South Shore cafe you definitely get the 'blue hair' crowd, but the service is consitently pleasant and prompt. They remember to cook my husband's bacon so that it resembles shoe leather - just the way he likes it. You can't go wrong with any of their breakfast combos. I usually order poached eggs with fruit - then snack bits of the fatty stuff, like syrupy waffles, off of my daughters plate. Yumm!