Monday, July 11, 2011

Lots of changes along Park Street

As we all know, Crema Bakery never came to fruition.  The space is now seeking a new tenant. I wonder what happened.  The owners sold coupons on discount web sites and people purchased vouchers.  The intent was there, but the execution fell short.

Rolling Pin Donuts went out of business and a new Thai restaurant will be moving into the space.  Rolling Pin was once noted as the best donut joint on the island, and now no more.  Boo hoo!  I love donuts and I cannot believe the owners got out of the game.

Boniere Bakery is still closed and there is butcher paper on all the windows.  Park Street is still screaming for a bakery and when will this happen? 

A new Cambodian restaurant, The Angkor Grill, is now open for business.  I don't think many Alamedans are familiar with Cambodian food, but it is worth a try.

The Kabob House has a new owner and a new name.  The new name is The Kabob House and Afghan Tandoor.  I hope the food is better since the former owner could not make it work.

Alameda Taqueria has new owners and changed its name to Island Taqueria.  Thank goodness the cooks are the same, so I can continue to purchase my carne asada burritos that I love.

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Anonymous said...

Robek's Juice Place is out of business.