Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Burger in Town

I have consumed a lot of hamburgers over the decades.  Even though there are many hamburger places in Alameda, a majority of them are palatable and nothing beyond that.  I have been searching for a long time for a simple and delicious hamburger on the island, and I have finally landed on a eating place that serves the best hamburger in town at Scolari's.  Their cheeseburger was juicy and the meat flavor was heavenly.  It's important to be able to taste the meat and not be overwhelmed with toppings, which could hide inferior meat. The bun was able to absorb the meat juices without getting soggy and the sandwich kept intact the entire time I was eating it.  The burger comes with twice fried french fries, all for a total of $9.70.  The meal could feed two people. I would come back to Scolari's in a heartbeat.

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MysDuende said...

I gotta say.. Pappos has the best, most juicy, flavorful burger in town. Quality meat that's almost a kin to a Kobie burger. Doesn't have a ton of toppings on it to conceal the meat. Beats out Pearls. It's a brunch menu item on Sat/Sun until 2 p.m. Yum Yum.