Sunday, August 28, 2011

Double Snap

After finding my love for pizza at the East End Pizza Company in The Marketplace, I decided to buy desserts and bread at the Feel Good Bakery.  I purchased two cupcakes and one baguette.  The price tag once again stung, the total was $10.50.  The size of the cupcakes were smaller than the usual size of the baking pan and a baguette maximum can cost $2.00. So after doing a few calculations in my head, the bakery charged me $4 per cupcake and $2.50 for the baguette.  I can't understand on how the Feel Good Bakery can charge more for bread compared to Acme in the San Francisco Ferry Terminal.  Acme produces far superior products.

For some reason I have to kick myself in the head for getting duped, not only once, but numerous times, for buying desserts at Feel Good.  I guess when I look at the delicious items in the glass shelves, I get hypnotized and buy goodies.  My stomach is temporarily happy, but my pocketbook hurts.

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