Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Outdoor Dining

There are only a few places where you can dine outside for a meal.  Unfortunately, the summers in the bay area are really hot for a handful of days.  So when the heat wave is on, you must take advantage of the weather. 

Cera Una Volta is a great choice if you are seeking more than just fast food in the little alley way.  You can also people watch while sitting at your table.  Another great feature is that there are heat warmers coming down from the pergola, so it's makes your stay longer and comfortable. 

I wish Tomatina had good food to eat because they have outdoor dining in the back.  The space is quaint and cute, with a great view of the tall trees and old brick wall.

Pappo has an indoor-outdoor vibe along the front of the restaurant.  There is plenty of action going on in this spot due to the theatre and main thoroughfare of Central and Park streets.   The food is good and the dishes are safe.  Outdoor heating lamps also creates an ambiance of positive energy.

Pier 29 has a great marina view of the boats and water. The outdoor seating is at the back of the restaurant and can get breezy when the wind picks up after 3 pm daily.   If you stick to the seafood basics at this restaurant, you will be okay.

If you are short on time or need to study, go to Pauline's Cafe on Park Street and order a quick sandwich and eat in the outdoor garden in the back.  The space is quiet, spacious and you can relax.

I am not sure if 1400 is using the old beer garden that the New Zealander had for outdoor dining?

Speaking of beer garden, Speisekammer has a wonderful outdoor space in the front of the restaurant.  The atmosphere is casual, very relaxed and family friendly.  It relates to the casual German food it serves.


Anonymous said...

1400 outdoor dining area is almost complete. They plan to have it ready by September and will start serving breakfast on the weekends

lin said...

You forgot Julie's on Park Street. They have a great little patio in the back, and with the buildings on either side, it can actually be warm on sunny days.