Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio is the newest breakfast place on Main Street across from the former Navy base.  The location is a bit bleak and I am not certain if there is enough traffic to stir up business. No business in that space has historical done well. The fairly new housing development across the street has never given that small corner enough business to stay open.  Their morning competition is the donut joint two doors down.  The food is Brazilian and American food.  Are Alamedans ready for Brazilian food in the morning because the cafe closes early in the afternoon and they are not open for late dinners.  I was informed the owner has another location in Oakland.


Anonymous said...

I drove over to Cafe Rio on a Saturday around 6 pm to buy food for dinner and they were closed.

Kay said...

I have yet to make it there for lunch but I know they make their own salad dressings and the cilantro dressing is wonderful (the breakfast burrito comes with salad!) I've been there for breakfast a few times and all except the last time was near perfection. They have terrific bagels and the eggs are fabulous on the weekend. However, the eggs in the breakfast sandwich that I got during the weekday was a total bust (reheated in the microwave and green/gray by the time I ate it!) I'm looking forward to trying the feijoada and jerk chicken!