Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shocking News!

The Quintero Family has sold the Acapulco Restaurant and the business is now closed.  The family has owned the restaurant for such a long time and I have to wonder what was the catalyst that caused the family to sell?  I thought they had a loyal following because many of the Mexican restaurants around Alameda are busy.

Ben who was barbecuing at The Frog and the Fiddle is now gone.  The kitchen is closed and a new business will move in next week.  I was informed by the bartender that the menu will be pub style food.

Can you believe that Boniere Bakery moved to Oakland.  After reading yesterday's article in the Alameda Journal, it seemed depressing since the bakery was the oldest running business in Alameda. Their former space is still empty.

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lin said...

Boniere could still re-open as a bakery under new owners(maybe with a different name?). It has had several owners. Before the Jatczaks took over in 2004, it was run by two women who made the most fabulous cakes and chocolates. Amazing brioche. One of them now runs the Little House Cafe.