Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fish Tacos

1400 has fish tacos on their menu.  The waiter claimed the tacos were delicious and I decided to go with the recommendation.  The order came with two fish tacos with lots of sliced cabbage and deep fried jalapeno pepper coins.  The fish was grilled and delicate in flavor.  The tacos came with a green sauce on the side and fresh lime wedges.  I am a fan of fresh lime so I squeezed out as much juice as I could.  I then added a few teaspoons of sauce on top.  The tacos looked great, but the taste was uneventful.  The condiments overwhelmed the taste of the fish.  The pepper coins were also overcooked and were hard to chew on.  The light meal did not satisfy my appetite.  I will not order the tacos again.

Luckily for Calafia Taqueria, they have no worries or competition from 1400.


Anonymous said...

Not being a condiment person, I also tried the Fish Tacos and really loved them. The tacos come with a lot of fish and the cabbage tasted great with a little lime on them. I'd order these again

Anonymous said...

Calafia is quite good, if you have not tried it out do it!

Nice salsa bar, yumm