Friday, November 25, 2011

Reflection of Alameda Food Scene

As each year passes, I have to analyze the food scene in Alameda.  I would have to say that not much progress has been made in the last year or so.  The most exciting new food establishment would be Doggy Style with non-traditional hot dogs with Asian fusion ingredients.  Beyond this, the restaurants play it pretty safe and are not very adventurous with ingredients. 

The most stylish restaurant in town is Spice I Am.  The dining room is slick, modern with clean lines.

Again, I have to re-iterate the fact that a stone's throw away in Oakland where all of the action is.  Plum is still red hot with delicious and innovative dishes.  Daniel Patterson pushes the limits on food and creates not so apparent food combinations and makes them work.  The Side Bar by Lake Merritt has wonderful, home style cooking that I love, and Commis Restaurant is a one star Michelin rated establishment.  To me this is insanity! 

Why can't Alamedans embrace great food.  What is wrong with people on this island?  Decent restaurants come and go on this island, but the mediocre and lower priced places are here to stay.

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Anonymous said...

Disagree (1,000,000)

Speisekammer is a great restaurant with a wonderful ambiance.

Tomatina may be full of kids and families, but provides excellent food with very fresh ingredients.

Pappo provides a higher-end and more creative menu at an excellent price.

The Bacon Bacon truck comes from Alameda.

Troy is a fabulous Greek place across from the movie theater.

The Pampered Pub may be old and cheap, but their hot dogs are as good as you can get at any ball park.

Angelfish has some of the best sushi in the entire East Bay.

As For Doggy Style, they may have flashy hot dogs and Asian Fusion, but their name is distasteful (who wants to say "I went to Doggy Style or My husband and I went to Doggy Style) and the last time I went the staff seemed indifferent to my presence. I will go again, but the location is not a very good one for a place where you can't sit and eat. Tho it will probably get lots of business from the bars across the street.

I'm thinking that you're looking for a particular kind of experience that is more prevalent in Oakland or in more heavily urban areas, but that doesn't meant that our restaurants in Alameda suck. They just cater to the community which is a lot of working families.