Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweetie Station Cafe on Webster Street

While we are all waiting for Cafe Jolie to open, we can hang out at the Sweetie Station Cafe down the street.  This new place on Webster is somewhat hilarious because the cafe is very girlie.  I am not sure if teen aged boys or men would step foot inside.  The decor is pink, need I say more...

Asian tapioca drinks are quite popular here, but I don't think you can drink many of these in one week due to the high sugar levels. The restaurant also serves savory food items.  The food menu is quick and easy Asian items such as noodles and chicken wings.  I am not sure if the savory food comes out of a frozen bag or do they make the food fresh on demand?   I do know the quick stir frys are done on demand, so this could be the safer way to go when purchasing food here. 

I also recommend taking the food home instead of eating it there.  The ambiance is least to be desired, unless you are hosting a Hello Kitty party.  Meow!

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