Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ahh for Pizza

The buzz of East End Pizza Co. has finally caught on.  The waiting lines for a pizza are now long.  When you call to order a pizza it may take a while because the staff has a tendency to not pick up and you cannot leave an order on the message machine.  A few times I have spoken to the owners about paying for call waiting or figuring out another communication mode for customers to order pizza, but they won't bother in having to deal with another piece of equipment.  I somewhat understand where they are coming from since they are so few staff working there.  However, people like myself get somewhat frustrated when you want something and you cannot get instant gratification.

I believe the owners are doing a psychological experiment on the citizens of Alameda in creating small supply with large demand.  My case in point is why East End Pizza Co. can charge $18 for a 14" inch pie.

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Anonymous said...

I called to order a pizza today and I had to wait for one hour. These guys are making money.