Friday, February 17, 2012

Offensive Smell

Went out late Friday night for a scoop of gelato at my favorite ice cream place Tutti Melon. While I was eating my scoop of strawberry cheesecake, a gang of high school kids came in and took over the place.  They all ordered deep fried chicken nuggets.  The deep fried smell in a dessert shop was horrifying!  The smell was disgusting and I had to wonder why Tutti Melon would allow such an atrocity.  First of all, Tutti Melon should not feel threatened by Quickly, which makes the sugar filled tapioca beverages, teas and slushes with a hoard of fried foods.

The offensive smell killed my appetite and completely ruined my experience eating inside their shop.  The business owner needs to focus on customers having wonderful and relaxing memories of going to Tutti Melon and not worrying about what other businesses are doing down the block.  Fried foods in a dessert place is a business killer, not a money maker. I plead to the owner to remedy the problem.

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