Friday, May 8, 2009

Feel Good Bakery...Not So Good for Wallet

It was a warm and sunny Saturday around Alameda. I felt festive and excited since Spring is here and the long days are coming. While driving around town, I decided to make a quick detour to the Marketplace on Park Street. Inside, I noticed the fresh seafood counter, Pucci was gone and asked where they relocated. I was informed by the owner of Pappo and owner of Culina that Pucci moved inside the Encinal Market.

I then walked around the different food counters and glazed over the tempting desserts at Feel Good Bakery. I am extremely familiar with their products and have been a customer over the years since they first opened. Out of hunger or a need for a decadent dessert for that evening, I decided to buy two strawberry tarts, one plain croissant and one chocolate croissant. When the cashier gave me the grand total for my four items, I was in total shock. I first thought the cashier made a mistake and then inquired about the breakdown of the food items. The cute, adorable little strawberry tart which was a two-bite dessert at most, was $5. For $5, I could have purchased one container of strawberries and the ready to make custard for four for the same price. The plain croissant was $2.50 and the chocolate one was $3. Paying $15.50 before taxes for two tarts and two croissants I thought was a bit steep considering the quantity and size of the goods. Nonetheless, I still paid for the desserts, took them home and ate them.

The croissants were tasty and flaky. I slightly warmed them in the toaster oven before serving. I am a believer that croissants should be consumed fresh and warm. When I took my first bite of the strawberry tart, I savored the flavors in my mouth. The custard was creamy with a consistent texture and the berries were sweet and flavorful. The tart was overall a very tasty treat. I would buy the tart again in a heart beat if the size of the tart is larger or less in price.

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Anonymous said...

JP's Seafood is actually at the Chesnut Encinal Market.