Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yo! Philly's Cheesesteak Fails to Please

I am a big meat eater. I love beef. I love the taste of beef. When I noticed the new cheesesteak place on Park Street, I became curious. The first time I went over to the restaurant, it was a Sunday. Yo! Philly's Cheesesteak is closed on Sundays. I then looked over the menu and decided to come back another day.

I ordered a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich with the works which consisted of mushrooms, onions and bell pepper. The bun was a submarine sandwich bun, almost one foot long. The cook grilled the beef after I placed my order. The place is basically a counter and no room to eat the sandwich on the premise. I took my cheesesteak sandwich home and was excited to taste the beef treat. The look of the sandwich looked great, the owner was not skimpy on the amount of beef. There wasn't a lot of grease oozing out of the bun and it looked like it was worth the $7.50 that I paid for it.

I was perplexed on my first bite into the sandwich. I could taste the beef, mushrooms and peppers, but all of the flavors combined was not impressive. There wasn't a strong beef flavor from the meat. I felt that all of the ingredients resulted in a bland product. I also noticed in the sandwich that the mushrooms were canned and not fresh, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but more of an observation. Usually there is a special sauce the meat is grilled with that brings out the flavors, but I am not certain if the cook has a "sauce".

I will say that Yo! Philly Cheesesteak turns out a much better product than other competitors in Alameda. The amount of meat inside the sandwiches far exceed others. In addition, Yo! Philly Cheesesteak is the only place where you can purchase Tastycake products for dessert.

I will check back on this place and report to you later. For right now, I am sticking to my original blog entry on April 24, 2009; there is no decent Philly Cheesesteak in Alameda.


Kelly said...

Your original entry did not include The Cheesesteak Shop -- did you ever go there? It's in the Nob Hill shopping center and it's fantastic!

I respectfully disagree with your "no good cheesesteak in Alameda" assessment -- that place is great.

Thanks for this, review, though -- I'll stick with the Cheesesteak Shop!

Poppawinst said...

Oh wow...I'm really shocked with this review. I'm a fan, and every person i've heard of who's been here has raved about this place. So it's kind of surprising to hear from someone who didn't really like it.

But regardless of what you think of the cheesesteaks, Tom(the owner) is a real stand up guy. He's an Alameda guy and he takes care to make every sandwich his very best. He told me about a customer he had to cut off because they were coming to his place everyday and it wasn't healthy for them. And he was also debating whether or not he should stay open late night because he didn't want to encourage that disruptive "element" in Alameda; he feels responsible for keeping our city safe and clean.

I guess one of the benefits of not having any tables is that you're forced to actually have a conversation with the person making your food. ;)

I enjoy reading your reviews!