Monday, February 16, 2009


I am fond of crepes. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know certain people have reservations of eating crepes for dinner, but they are light and versatile. Crepes can be savory and sweet.

Alameda has two restaurants that serve crepes. Planet Crepes on Encinal Avenue only serves crepes. Marti's Place, also on Encinal Avenue serves Swedish pancakes that are similar in taste and consistency of crepes.

Planet Crepes is a hang out for young, high school kids on the weekends. The interiors of the restaurant are bright, bold and youthful which could explain the young customers. The menu lists savory crepes of meats, cheeses and vegetables. While the sweet crepes have fruits, ice cream, nutella and melted chocolate options. If you don't like any of their fixed combinations, than one can create a new crepe with any ingredients. The savory crepes are decent in flavor and size. I was surprised that I was able to taste all of the flavor combinations of the ingredients of the Florentine Crepe. The feta cheese was not over powering, the grilled red onions gave a slightly sweet taste, and the spinach was fresh. The crepe was overall a healthy meal. The dessert crepes had a lot more pizazz and appeal in the presentation compared to the savory ones. The dessert crepes had the whipped cream and melted chocolate to garnish the beautiful creation. Planet Crepes is the only crepe place I know of that scoops ice cream right inside of the crepe. The heat of the crepe with the cold ice cream is a good combination. Prices are affordable for both the savory and sweet crepes. You could get a savory and sweet crepe for under $10 total. That is a decent price considering it is a meal and dessert. I would recommend this place because it is casual, inexpensive and interesting. This place stays open at night.

Marti's Place serves up their Swedish Pancakes with nothing inside. The lingonberry jam that comes with the pancakes is spread on top of the pancakes. The pancakes are slightly sweet and taste very similar to a crepe. These pancakes are very plain compared to the crepes served at Planet Crepes. The pancakes are served as a side dish since the meal comes with eggs and bacon or sausage. If you are looking for simple crepes that don't have all of the fancy options than Marti's Place is a good choice. This place is open for breakfast and lunch, no dinner.

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Denise Shelton said...

The Little House Cafe has crepes and they are really good!