Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Trend in Restaurants ... Becoming an Investor

With a weak stock market (not including tech stocks), the housing market still depressed, CA bonds are too risky, what is a person to do?  Why not become an investor in a restaurant...

A friend of mine, his father decided to become a lifetime member of a local brewery.  The guy paid $500 which gets him free beer on certain occasions, he always gets a table, never has to wait in line, and membership allows him generous discounts on food items.  Little did the restaurant know that my friend's Dad is originally from Bavaria and can drink beer like water.   He is definitely getting his value from the investment.

Daniel Patterson, owner of Coi, Plum, Plum Bar and Haven.  Daniel is banking on customers paying $500 upfront to become seat holders of Haven Restaurant.  Seat holders will get 20% discounts on food for parties up to four people for the life of the customer or restaurant, whichever ends first.  Seat holders will also receive first priority on reservations and supposedly no waiting at the bar.

I've been to Haven, the space is quite nice and it's relaxing.  Even though the food can be a bit over worked with complex techniques, the $500 would be well spent.  I can see this idea taking off in the diner scene in this town, but not for high end food.

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Why not provide a link to Haven Restaurant?