Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three Phat Bobs in a Row

After shopping at Alameda Towne Centre and completing all of my tasks, I decided to treat myself to a  Pearl's hamburger.  I ordered the mini Phat Bob, a 1/4 lb. burger with bacon, onion rings, and Jack Cheese with a side of regular french fries.  The burger looked amazing on the food board, but when I took the first few bites, the burger wasn't what I had expected.   I thought the flavors were dull and the bacon and onion rings did not add a lot of dimension to the food.   The bacon had some fat on it so I had to tear off the grizzle and eat the rest.  There was only two onion rings at best, so the flavors were subtle.  As for the cheese, I didn't notice it.  The burger was edible, but it wasn't memorable.  The side of french fries were lackluster.  I was eating cardboard with no flavor.   I would not order the french fries ever again. I  recommend going for the onion rings, garlic or sweet potato fries.

While I was eating my meal inside the restaurant, I was listening to what new customers were ordering.  The next two parties also ordered the Phat Bob.  This burger was a hit.   Was this simply coincidence?  I even wondered if they were consuming the same burger that I was because I was not amazed by it.

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